From crusty hippies to fashion-forward preeners, Birkenstock has been able to connect its sandals to a wide swath of people. For some, the draw is the sheer comfort of the iconic cork footbed. For others, it’s the so-ugly-it’s-cool design. Regardless, Birkenstock has become one of those companies like Kleenex whose brand name has become synonymous with the product it puts out. But now Birkenstock is hoping to expand into a new category.

At the recently wrapped up International Interiors Show in Cologne, Germany, Birkenstock revealed its first line of bed frames and mattresses designed to deliver the same comfort that people experience standing up while lying down.

Like the company’s sandals, Birkenstock bed frames are designed to adapt to the body’s shape and contours. Instead of being flat, the slats on one bed frame undulate to mirror the natural skeletal system. There are three different types of mattresses: a natural latex, a cold foam, and a micro-pocket spring. Each feature a support layer that incorporates the same granulated cork found in Birkenstock footwear. Additionally, natural leather and wool felt traditionally used in shoemaking are used in the beds as well. And befitting the company’s legacy, extra attention was paid to the feet, with a “heel relief zone” built into the mattress and frame.

If you want to sleep on your Birks (minus the foot gunk) you’ll have to sit tight for a bit. Birkenstock did not release any information on pricing or when the beds would be available.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada and Instagram at @justin_tejada.