Today, a new competitor for the perpetual demand of greater cannabis-convenience in cyber-space emerged, according to Forbes. Jane is a new challenger to the Weedmaps and Leafly world. It is a search engine for cannabis products with a direct link to dispensary databases.

The site also works with informing you what sort of strain might be best for a specific activity, and gives helpful suggestions. This is far superior to the scowl of the have-shaven dispensary ‘expert’ behind the counter who insists that it’s “all about the terpenes.”

Looking for a particular strain? By interfacing directly with the dispensary, the website can tell you which location actually has the stock you desire. Anyone who has navigated the Weedmaps menu knows that the possibility of all the Sour Diesel being gone by the time you get there is ever present.

Currently Jane has enlisted eight stores in the Santa Cruz, California area and the founder Socrates Rosenfeld is looking to expand. Rosenfeld is a U.S. Army veteran and MIT graduate who expressed concern about the current internet weed market. He pointed to the Los Angeles Times story citing that up to 61 percent of Weedmaps reviews could be fake.

Despite Jane’s appeal making a better Leafly is no new idea, and Rosenfeld is confident despite the glut of business interest.

“There’s no heavy lifting from their end on the platform, it’s easy to scale and we are already looking at entering the San Francisco and Los Angeles markets.“

No longer must you settle on the strain you didn’t want with solely the assurance that the substitute weed is 'dank.’