Today in ridiculous game-playing apparatuses: a chainsaw that is also capable of playing Doom 2, a game that heavily features chainsaws. It’s so meta.

YouTuber George Merlocco created the Doom-playing chainsaw, dubbed the “Painsaw,” by combining a relatively dull tiny chainsaw toy (so yeah, sorry, it’s not actually an implement for slicing up demonic monsters) with a Raspberry Pi computer. Merlocco pulled out the stuff that made the toy work and threw in other components, like a sound card and USB ports, to get the chainsaw working as a tiny, bloody game machine.

The results are pretty impressive, especially since, in addition to throwing a little computer inside the toy, the chainsaw also sports a custom paint job of replicated gore. Merlocco even replicated mid-90s VHS effects for the video above, which sports a particular date stamp: Dec. 10, 1993, the release date for the original Doom.

You can read more about the whole Painsaw project on the website Merlocco set up for it at

Via VG247