“Trimming your waistline” probably isn’t too high on your list of reasons as to why you want to attend a music festival this summer, but after Metro Uk took a look at all the calories burned by the average festgoer’s cheering, walking, jumping, and whatever, you might start to wonder if fitness is another good reason to go.


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Using metrics from Withings body analytics, one can get a fairly clear picture of how a day spent at places like Coachella could totally help you drop a few pounds.

We actually burn off over a staggering 9,000 calories and walk over 15 miles across a three-day music event. Apparently the average festival goer will spend up to eight hours dancing per day, burning an average of 400-700 calories during each act. Phew.

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Glastonbury took top marks with an estimated average burn-off of 3,400 calories a day, while England’s VFestival wasn’t much farther behind with 3,100 calories.



The report doesn’t offer any information on how many calories one burns if they blow their minds popping drugs and end up glassy-eyed for hours on end, but we’re certain that someone will be conducting experiments to that effect at festivals all summer long.

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