Weed and tires—yes, tires—are having a crossover moment thanks to some hotly debated legislation in Arizona. The state’s marijuana legalization law, otherwise known as Prop. 205, will allow anyone of legal drinking age to buy and possess up to an ounce of recreational weed. Similar to pot laws in Oregon, Washington and Colorado, if passed, Prop. 205 will let individuals visit state-approved, taxed stores to buy weed. It will also heavily reduce criminal convictions related to marijuana, downgrading possession crimes to civil offenses subject to a $300 fine.

On Monday, however, just weeks before voting, the owners of Discount Tire, a privately owned company that peddles wheel parts in more than 900 stores across 31 states, donated $1 million to an anti-Prop. 205 lobby. As the Phoenix New Times indicates, the company’s no-smoking policy puts them at odds with virtually half of Arizona voters, making the tire seller ripe for public boycott. Prop. 205’s biggest backer, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Arizona campaign, is obviously none too happy, with spokespeople saying they are “disappointed Discount Tire has made the decision to support marijuana prohibition,”. The campaign is foregoing advocating a boycott and instead focusing its effort on educating the public.

This isn’t the first time that Discount Tire has slighted Arizonians; several stores recently posted a pro-Sheriff Arpaio signs, infuriating local Latinos. The infamous sheriff is facing investigation from the Department of Justice for racial profiling Maricopa County’s Hispanic community. Of course, big-time purveyors taking a less-favorable political stance is nothing new; Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A have faced major backlash for supporting pro-life and anti-gay movements, respectively. Needless to say, with looming threats of a boycott, Discount Tire’s PR department could probably use an upgrade right about now.