Disney will pull all of its movies from Netflix and launch its own streaming service in 2019, CNBC reports. While its unclear how wide the scope of this breakup will be, it’s still a dramatic blow to Netflix. The streaming giant struck a deal with the Mouse House back in 2012, and has since been home to major properties like Stars Wars and Marvel films.

Disney vast content library means that the company’s new streaming service will instantly become a major player in the streaming wars. Just this week, CBS announced plans to launch a live streaming service for sports. Disney will also explore that space with an ESPN video streaming service that’s to debut in early 2018.

So what does this mean for Netflix going forward? Well for one, the Netflix Marvel universe is suddenly in jeopardy. Netflix will still be the home of the upcoming The Defenders, and could still be the distributor of the four other Netflix-Marvel series—The Punisher will make five when it debuts later this year—until at least 2019. But once Disney’s streaming service is up and running, it could pull all five heroes from Netflix’s roster, which we imagine wouldn’t sit well with a lot of current Netflix subscribers. While the streaming service doesn’t release viewership data, it’s safe to assume that its Marvel superhero properties are among its most popular content.

Netflix now has to face a future that once included upcoming Disney movies like Frozen 2, Toy story 4 and The Lion King. While it still might be home to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it will no longer stream the third Star Wars movie or any of the anthology offshoots. The brass at Netflix likely saw this coming, which partly explains why it’s invested so heavily in creating native content that it owns and therefore controls–not to mention their recent purchase of Millarworld. So don’t worry folks. Ashton Kutcher and The Ranch ain’t going anywhere.