If you are wondering when the world will start to look like the futuristic society from the Jetsons or Back to The Future Part II you should probably check in on Hawaii. In Honolulu as I write this very article, competitors from all over the world are racing small flying robots. Cue the stupefied expression and breathy “woah” Bill and Ted would emit from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Contestants weave through the natural beauty of Hawaii, using drones equipped with a camera, and a pilot equipped with a VR headset, allowing them to maneuver drones across distances and obstacles to come out on top. As with any sport, there are rules, and Drone Racing is definitely no exception. From having approved video transmitters to the request of a re-run due to a technical difficulty, Drone racing has quickly defined its own parameters. The sport is also very young, so it is highly likely the rules might adapt as the sport becomes more mainstream.

Along with being a product of our futuristic times technology wise, it is also representative of our growing global community. Pilots from over 40 different countries came together in Hawaii to race drones and come out on top. Today is the last day of the Aloha Cup, the qualifying round for the world championships of drone racing. Over the course of the weekend the final competitors will fall into place, going on to compete for the title of world champion. Soon enough we might see drones flying around decked out in decals like NASCAR, who knows?

Although it is too late to sign up to volunteer at this specific event, check out the details of the opportunity from the website and stay tuned next time. In a world full of climate change and Cheeto face politicians, drone racing is here to remind us that the future can still be pretty cool.