You wouldn’t mistake the music video for Mise en Scene’s “Closer” for Boogie Nights, though both exist in the same world. “Closer,” shot in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley by director Lloyd Choi, follows a young man as he drives a porn actress around. She has sex with men in the back seat of a van while a sleazy pimp-type shuttles men in and out. If you’ve spent time watching pornography online, you’ll be familiar with the genre being depicted here.

But Choi says that the video isn’t about sex. Or, at least, not entirely about sex.

“It was also inspired by a curiosity of what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling, of everything that happens behind the scenes before, in between takes, and afterwards,” he said. “It’s fascinating that for one of the most watched videos online, we barely know anything of what happens behind the scenes.”

Mise en Scene frontperson Stefanie Blondal Johnson agrees that the video is about more than pornography.

“We feel that the film is more of a commentary on the world that we live in and our longing to be closer to others; the need for compassion and companionship in a world that can feel so lonely and fragmented,” Johnson said.

Both the video and the song are about longing, lust and ultimately disappointment. It’s a moving pairing and one well worth your time.

Watch our exclusive premiere below.