Step one was moving to a city where restaurants regularly deliver. Step two was collecting menus and keeping them in a drawer any time you were hungry and didn’t feel like cooking. But you had to pick up the phone and pay in cash. Step three was Seamless. Life was bliss. But sometimes the delivery people would be late or just not show up.

So, clearly, step four includes robots.

Spotted in San Francisco by TechCrunch writer Ryan Lawler, the Yelp/Eat24 Delivery Robot is a prototype for what is inevitably coming sooner than later. The robot was apparently created by Marble, a robots startup filled with a bunch of nerds from Apple, Google and Astrobotic Technology.

The robot wasn’t autonomous with actually delivering food, though. Lawler noted that someone was following close behind, controlling it with a PlayStation controller while photographers were looking for photo opps. That said, it appeared to have radar and camera capabilities already.

As for how delivery robots will work once they’re actually deployed, word is scant. They will likely make their way through cities, navigating around people, cars and other objects, The real goal, though: Showing up at your front door with a locked compartment that you can open via keycode or even wireless. We’re hungry for answers.