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Voting is now closed for Playmate of the Year 2015. Thanks to all of our readers who voted for their favorite Playmates! The Playmate of the Year will be announced in May and will appear in the June 2015 issue of Playboy.

With stunning red locks and green eyes, Miss November 2014 Gia Marie knows a thing or two about having perfect hair and makeup. She’s a professional stylist and has worked with famous clients such as The Black Keys, Britney Spears and R. Kelly. Born in Calabasas, California, Gia admits to going into her neighbor’s garage and sneaking copies of Playboy. Seems like fate to us. Check out her 2014 Playmate Review, and see why Playboy added Gia to the growing Playmate family.

Gia takes on the legendary Sheats-Goldstein Mansion for her Playmate Pictorial

A top L.A. makeup artist, Gia Marie has prepped some of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces. When we discovered her on Instagram, it was clear she belonged in front of the camera as a Playmate. “I’m so glad I took it off for Playboy,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure some guy will see my pictorial here, and my red hair will resonate for him and give him a fetish for life. My mission will be accomplished.”

Watch Miss November at work on the set of her Playmate Pictorial

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