Maybe you’ve occasionally paid a premium price to score some quality cannabis from your weed guy. But are you ready to fork over $300,000 to a different kind of dealer?

That’s the price you’ll have to pay an art dealer named Mr. Grey for what’s surely the world’s most expensive bong, christened “Vahana” and newly up for sale at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Mr. Grey is a 22-year-old college dropout who recently relocated to Los Angeles from New York, where he made headlines last year for showcasing his glass bongs in his ritzy Soho apartment. (This statement can apply to most news events in 2017, but man, what a time to be alive.)

Grey (real name Benjamin Milstein) wisely invested in cannabis stock back in 2013, two weeks before Colorado legalized it. That’s when, per the L.A. Times, he took an interest in “functional glass art in the form of bongs and pipes” and started traveling the globe in search of high-end pieces, eventually nabbing upwards of 500 works of art and presumably getting very, very baked in the process.

Millstein has sold about $350,000 in bongs so far, which brings him to his new pop-up at the Marmont, where he’ll offer up 25 unique bongs starting from $5,000 through October 5. The crown jewel in the collection, of course, is Vahana, a foot-wide piece from artists Banjo and Phil Siegel that shows an orange alien hanging out on a hammock.

A regular bong with an orange alien hanging out on a hammock would otherwise cost considerably less than $300,000, but this bong flows smoke through the alien’s body when you use it. And can you really put a price on that? (Yes. It’s $300,000.) Milstein told the L.A. Times that Banjo is an “extraordinary artist” who’s been in the bong-sculpting game for more than 20 years, and Vahana is a “marquee work” that’s “pretty large-scale.” Milstein called Siegel “also very well-known and respected.”

But Milstein isn’t expecting you or me to pay for his very expensive bong, because he has grander plans. “I would love for Johnny Depp to come by, Leonardo DiCaprio—who is an amazing [art] collector—and I’d love to see Justin Bieber down here,” Milstein told *The Hollywood Reporter*.

Justin Bieber is the perfect choice to buy a $300,000 bong from a 22-year-old college dropout, no?