This officially marks the end of the pursuit of friends with boats: To really be a high-roller, you need “train friends.” How could a train surpass a boat in terms of luxury? Well, you likely haven’t heard about Japan’s train suite Shiki-Shima.

According to designboom, this train was designed by none other than Ferrari, the same super fast car maker which is always looking toward the future. This train is the pinnacle of luxury, and demands that you go on the most insane trans-Japan train trip of all time.

Built with all kinds of traditional materials characteristic to Japan, the train suite Shiki-Shima offers both modern and classic aesthetics. Wood, ‘washi’ Japanese paper and Japanese lacquer adorn the interiors for a more comforting ambiance. One car offers a translucent viewing room, that is designed to blur the line between indoor and out. Others offer living room reclining areas, high class dining, and other material comforts.

Even The Polar Express isn’t this chill.