Jennifer Lawrence is a prodigious actress. At just 25, Lawrence became the youngest person ever to earn four Oscar nominations. For her work in the Hunger Games franchise, she learned to shoot a bow and arrow with the precision of a champion archer. She moves through the austere world of high fashion to the comfort of her own couch where she binge-watches reality TV without missing a beat. And let’s not forget how effortlessly relatable she is.

Lawrence wins so much at life, that it raises the question: Is there anything she isn’t good at?

Last night we got our answer. Lawrence dropped by The Tonight Show to tell Jimmy Fallon about her bonkers new movie mother!. After trying, with varying degrees of success, to discuss the film without giving away too much, Lawrence challenged Fallon to an axe-throwing competition. Always game to go head-to-head with a movie star, Fallon dutifully accepted and proceeded to mop the floor with America’s sweetheart.

Each competitor launched three axes at a wooden target shaped like a cowboy. While Fallon managed to strike it squarely in the head and the groin, Lawrence couldn’t manage a single point. Clearly she thought she had a leg up on the host going into the challenge, because after her defeat, Lawrence couldn’t contain her rancor.

Long-standing fans of The Tonight Show might be quick to point out that Tuesday night’s contest wasn’t the first time that axes were thrown on the stage of late night’s crown jewel. In 1965, American pop singer Ed Ames appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson when the two began discussing Ames’ Tomahawk throwing abilities. After being asked to demonstrate his unusual skill for the millions of people watching at home, Ames agreed and, like Fallon, hit a wooden target shaped like a cowboy directly in the crotch. The crowd erupted, Carson made one of his trademark quick-witted quips, and one of the most famous moments in late night history was born.

The tilt between Fallon and Lawrence may not have been quite as memorable, but any late night appearance featuring perhaps the greatest movie star of the last decade is worth a watch.

Catch Lawrence in mother! when it hits theaters this Friday.