There was a time not too long ago when raunchy comedies about women behaving badly were a rare breed in Hollywood. But after the success of movies like Bridesmaids and more recently Rough Night, studios are betting on the fact that audiences will dish out to watch women engage in the kind of debauchery that their male counterparts have trafficked in for decades.

Case and point, the upcoming R-rated road trip comedy The Layover, starring Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario as lifelong BFFs whose friendship gets tested when a beefy blond dude (Matt Barr) enters their lives. Based on the first trailer, The Layover will be a can’t miss with male audiences, considering its leads are arguably two of the most desirable women on the planet. The question is whether or not women will be inclined to sit through two hours of Daddario and Upton using their most, er, considerable assets to win the attention and affection of a member of the opposite sex.

The studio’s thinking here is clear: Let’s get these two women in the tightest shirts and smallest bikinis we can find, and the movie will sell itself. The motivation for its director—the Oscar-nominated actor William H. Macy, is less clear. Macy’s directorial debut was 2014’s Rudderless, an idiosyncratic drama that falls more in line with his own filmography as an actor. The only explanation for Macy’s involvement is that the script—from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia writers David Hornsby and Lance Krall—is actually pretty good.

It’s also worth noting that this thing was shot in 2015, when Upton was at the peak of her fame and Daddario was still an unknown. Now that Daddario’s star has risen thanks to her turn in Baywatch, the studio probably wants to strike while the iron’s hot. But a film being shelved for two years is never a good sign. We’ll find out what this one’s really all about when The Layover gets a limited release on September 1. Watch the trailer below.