In a brilliant new video clip, Kendall Jenner is riding her bike down a country road on a sunny day, looking carefree and stylish in a fluffy pink fur jacket and jeans. Then she steers onto some loose gravel, tries to stop, and falls to the ground. Supermodel down!

My work here is done….. @kendalljenner

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Job well done, Khloé. Despite Jenner’s recent mishaps, like her Pepsi ad and Fyre Festival promotion, her public image is still that of glamorous model. To Khloé Kardashian, though, Jenner is a younger sister—and little sisters are fun to tease. Since they’re both super-famous, the teasing happens on Instagram for the whole world to witness.

Jenner definitely knows how to ride a bike, so what exactly happened in that clip? At the end, you can see someone with a video camera moving in for a close-up. As the Daily Mail points out, it’s likely that this was part of a shoot for one of the family’s reality TV shows. Watch the video again, and you’ll notice that Jenner isn’t paying attention to where she’s going. Instead of looking ahead, she’s angling her face toward the camera so she’ll look good on TV. That appears to be why she rode off the main path and onto the gravel.

Jenner laughed after the fall, and didn’t seem to sustain any injuries, so this video is a nice reminder that even the Kardashian-Jenners have awkward moments. Kendall Jenner doesn’t always look as classy and posed as she does in these Instagram pics:

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