Kendall Jenner is definitely one of the top Kardashian affiliates we have kicking around lately. But her star will doubtless be tarnished after the premiere of a baffling Pepsi commercial that sees the model leave a photoshoot (unprofessional!), join the most anodyne protest in history and then give a Pepsi to a cop. The cop, who is there to protect the city against a group carrying signs reading “Join the Conversation,” smiles. Everyone smiles. Isn’t Pepsi great? Wow, what a product.

Seriously, this is the logical end of the latest trend in corporate marketing: the idea that companies are good now. Anyone that’s seen an ‘80s movie can tell you that corporations are, in fact, bad. That’s like the main messaging of every movie ever. Jeez.

Here’s the ad.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was not kind.