It seems like every artist is a multi-hyphenate at this point, but just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should. Singer, songwriter and producer Matt Kali is one of the exceptions. East Coast-born and raised, he’s been heavily involved in the Los Angeles DJ scene since making the cross-country move last year, but it’s live music that has his ultimate allegiance. “I’m kind on this whole emo-resurgence. Those are my roots. I grew up playing pop-punk and scream-o, so going back to that is what I’m stoked for. It’s what I’ve been waiting for.”

Enter his new single, released today on rising record label Moving Castle, an enigmatic jam with a slow, simmering burn featuring Kali’s vocals and co-produced with Jasper. With melancholic lyrics, electronic overtones and a chilled-out pop vibe, “dreadful.” is kind of a metaphor for the complex contradictions of human emotions. Or as Kali puts it, it’s “a reflection of that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know you fucked up and there’s nothing to do to go back. All the desperate, useless and destructive things you end up doing when you’re trapped inside the void of your own mind.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. “Listen, we all get stuck there to some extent for our own reasons. I hope this song helps you find your way out.”

Listen here to discover for yourself, especially if you’re, you know, having a moment of internal crisis, and look out for more from Kali. “This song is lead-in to my next stuff. It’s a prelude, really.”

Photo by @iamoliverford.