With the series finale of HBO’s Girls having just aired, marking the end of a five year era, many are wondering just who might be next in line for Lena Dunham’s title as “the voice of my generation, or at least, a voice, of a generation.”

Back in February 2017, during a New York Times “Times Talks” panel, Dunham adamantly clarified the quote has been misattributed as her own when really it was a declaration made by the fictional character Hannah Horvath. Dunham stated, “That line will probably end up on my gravestone. The thing that’s interesting about looking at that scene is how much that line has become this subject of debate. The thing I have to remind people is my character said it when she was on drugs, and it was a joke…I didn’t say I was.”

Regardless, Dunham’s show became a mainstay for viewers, many of whom are at a loss of who to tune to next to represent their growing pains onscreen. Who perhaps better to fill Dunham’s shoes than the daughter of comedic trailblazer Larry David (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm), Cazzie David, fittingly dryly hilarious in her own right. Considering Dunham was frequently slammed with cries of nepotism, our next contender will likely face the same hits, though we have full confidence she, too, will pleasingly prevail as Dunham did, proving the naysayers are just such.

The stunning brunette has released four episodes with Elisa Kalani, under the series title Eighty-Sixed, which has been receiving extensive buzz. David portrays Remi, an anxious, L.A.-based millennial dealing with a break-up in the age of social media.

The first episode, titled “Promise I’ll Win,” features a moping Remi dealing with social media mishaps by well-meaning friends.

Similarly, Episode 4, titled “Remi v Drone,” features Remi creatively redirecting a drone supplied by invasive neighbors to spy on her ex.

Considering the show focuses heavily on social media, it seems appropriate David would know a thing or two. David was even called upon by Vanity Fair to give tips on how to curate an Instagram account, providing rules on the art of the caption, balancing the “hot-to-funny” ratio, advising never to look “basic,” and, of course, reminding that even the most overthought post must always look candid. Here, she exhibits the art of the phone-in-hand mirror selfie, then shows she also knows how to model a bikini.

Fuck a caption!

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Spa time bitche$$

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