Tablets used to be the shit. Everyone wanted an iPad. I mean, people even stole them. Kids asked for them for Christmas, and then the market fell out. In fact, 2016 saw tablet sales on a steep decline, dropping a healthy 12.3 percent. Why? No one really knows, but chances are it’s because everyone who wanted one now has one, and since they’re pretty basic machines compared to laptops and desktops, we keep them longer.

That all said, Lenovo’s new Yoga A12 convertible Android tablet could change all of that. Why’s that? Because it’s a simple machine that looks good, is loaded with features and is priced right. At $299, the Yoga A12 runs on Android OS and includes a flat “Halo” keyboard that provides feedback when you hit the keys (in lieu of a keyboard with an actual throw distance for each key to let you know you’ve pressed something).

While it’s not as powerful as a much more expensive laptop or netbook, it’s no slouch. It runs on an Intel Atom x5 chip, includes 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of onboard storage, promises 13 hours of battery life and even features Dolby Atmos for sound. It also won’t cramp you if you plan on using the Yoga A12 for actual work, as it includes a 12.2-inch touch-sensitive HD display.

All of that in a 2.2-pound package for under $300, and we’re in.