Denver, Colorado, has apparently passed a ballot measure—Initiative 300—allowing social marijuana use. For a state that has already passed landmark recreational marijuana laws, you may be wondering why this is a big deal. Well, currently in states where weed is legal, lighting up in public is not.

The ballot measure allows Denver businesses to apply for a license to permit consumption of marijuana on their premises. Certain limitations are going to be placed on the licensing process, including the necessity of a permit from a neighborhood or business group. As of this morning the Denver Post has declared it “all but official” that the measure will pass.

For everyone who would like to be afforded the level of socialization that drinkers enjoy, the Denver measure is a victory. Young investors of the world, take notice: The idea of a marijuana-fueled nightlife scene is not too far away. Personally, I am going to trademark my idea for a dance club called Joint Pain, so don’t steal that idea.

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