I’d place the Keurig on par with any of the best innovations from the last half-century, including the Internet, biofuels and the Fidget Spinner. The single-serve coffee brewing machine makes it remarkably easy to whip up a decent cuppa Joe at home in seconds without running out to Starbucks on the way to work.

But you know that already. Did you know that there are now Keurig-compatible coffee pods mixed with cannabis flower? Probably not.

Brewbudz, based out of California, recently started selling CBD and THC infused coffee and teas in states where weed is legal. If you’re a recreational marijuana user, each Brewbudz pod packs 10 milligrams (mg) of THC, and if you’re a medical user, your pod will contain 25 to 50 mg of CBD—the cannabinoid that relieves pain.

The coffee itself is a flower-based edible, which means the whole cannabis flower is used in production. The founders say this allows all the natural cannabinoids in the flower to be consumed in your coffee, which wouldn’t be the case if they used an extract or oil.

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According to WestWord, the K-Cups are made of a soft mesh material instead of a hard plastic, and the caps are made from coffee beans. This makes the pods 100 percent compostable, because it’s important to take care of Mother Earth while you wake and bake.

The sustainability factor is actually a pretty big deal: Per Per Brewbudz’s website, over 14 billion K-cups are sold annually, but since the plastics aren’t recyclable, they all end up in landfills. “The ecological impact to our environment by K-cups is staggering,” the founders write.

That’s why they say they’re the “good-for-you, good-for-the-earth company.” Can’t argue with that.