When it comes to adapting their properties for television, Marvel hasn’t been quite as cant-miss as it has with its big screen offerings. Jessica Jones was dark, sexy, and psychologically complex. Iron Fist? Not so much. The studio’s network fare, specifically the ill-fated Agent Carter, has fared even worse. So it’ll be interesting to see how Inhumans is received when it debuts on ABC this fall.

Entertainment Weekly just gave us our first real look at Marvel’s Inhumans. Marvel and ABC have been elusive when it comes to giving us the goods. The first teaser is heavy onvoiceover but light on the visuals. As in, there are none. Instead, we hear Iwan Rheon (whose chilling voice you’ll recognize as Ramsay Bolton from HBO’s Game of Thrones) as Maximus, the treacherous son who wants to oust his brother and Inhuman king Black Bolt from the flying city Attilan’s throne.

In other words, Rheon should feel right at home in what essentially amounts to a family soap opera in the vein of Game of Thrones, but with superheroes instead of dragons.

The first two episodes of Inhumans will screen on September 1st in IMAX theaters across the country, with the rest of the first season expected to air later in the fall. Get hyped and watch the first teaser below.