MGMT released their first new single in four years today, and aside from our blatant enthusiasm for the band’s return, they delivered another gift in the form of the accompanying music video, which features Playmate Hiromi Oshima. The song, “Little Dark Age,” is the title track of the band’s next album, expected in early 2018.

The music video begins with Oshima holding a candelabra as she opens a set of double doors and steps into what appears to be an uninhabited mansion. It then cuts between her and several other bizarre scenes, including a black-costumed character smoking cigarettes, a magician performing card tricks and illusions and close-ups of a cleaver chopping fruit. Rolling Stone called the new video “sinister” and Billboard described it as “spooky”—but according to Oshima, reviewers are taking it too seriously.

She tells Playboy she has known MGMT since she met them at our 2008 SXSW party and that they definitely made the video as a joke. “If you don’t know them very well, you really get lost trying to analyze it. For those of us who know them well, it’s a silly video.” She adds, “I really want to emphasize that we made it as a fun thing. They’re not going goth. It was just a bunch of us trying to make a fun video.”

The “Little Dark Age” video also features Oshima’s boyfriend, musician Connan Mockasin, another good friend of MGMT. “In the last two years, Connan started going on surfing trips with one of the band members—Andrew—and they became really close friends. They asked us to be in the video together,” she says.

The video’s directors, Nathaniel Axel and David MacNutt, have been friends with the band since college, and Oshima said she knew them before the shoot, too. Because the band had so many friends on set, she says the project was a blast. “It was like a family affair. It was really fun, and they trusted us. They gave us instructions, but they were like, ‘I think you got it, just do whatever you feel like, and let’s take it from there.’”

This isn’t Oshima’s first music video; she previously appeared in Nelly’s “Shake Ya Tailfeather” and the Lady Gaga Beyoncé collaboration “Telephone”—and it’s definitely not going to be her last. She just finished working on a video for singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, so we’ll be seeing her on YouTube again soon.

Hiromi Oshima behind-the-scenes of MGMT’s “Little Dark Age” music video. Connan Mockasin