A lot of games these days show worlds soaked in drab shades of gray and black. Looking at you, Battlefield 1 and TitanFall 2. That’s why the vibrant colors and gentle score of Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild are so enticing. Nintendo debuted the above trailer yesterday at The Game Awards in Los Angeles. Along with the trailer, Nintendo also debuted four minutes of gameplay footage, available to view below. The videos showcase new gameplay mechanics such as an expanded collection of weapons, which break after use. Endemic to Zelda games is a large catalogue of fantasy gadgets, new ones here including a hang glider and shock bombs.

We also get a glimpse at a female character who we can safely assume is Zelda. Who knows if she will be in disguise again, like she was in Ocarina of Time in which she had the moniker of Sheik. The game has never had her as a playable character, and with the wide expansion of features present in the game, that might be an interesting possibility.

The game is set to release at some point in 2017, yet the month remains unannounced. Play the song of time on your ocarina to speed things up if you can’t wait that long.