Wonder Woman is officially the biggest movie of the summer and Patty Jenkins is about to get paid. The director is finally closing in on a deal that would make her the highest paid woman director in Hollywood, Deadline reports.

If anyone deserves that distinction, it’s Jenkins. Wonder Woman had been stuck in development purgatory for years before Jenkins came along. The Monster director was able to identify that audiences had grown weary of gritty and bleak superhero movies, and were ready for DC to shift into a different mode. So Jenkins did the unthinkable and made a movie that wore its sincerity and compassion on its sleeve.

Guess what? It worked. Wonder Woman was an instant phenomenon upon its release and is closing in on $1 billion at the global box office and a possible Best Picture nod. It’s also the highest grossing Warner Bros. movie ever, behind only The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

There was a lot of speculation as to why it took Warner Bros. took so long to lock down Jenkins for the sequel. We said all along that it was a numbers thing and that Jenkins was likely holding out until she got paid as much as her male counterparts.

And while no official number has been released, Deadline is reporting that it’s “in line with any other director who has performed at this level.” And now that the numbers have finally been crunched, Jenkins can finally get down to the business of making one of the most highly anticipated sequels in recent memory.

Not much is known about where Wonder Woman is headed, other than that it’ll take place in the United States at the tail end of the Cold War. There have also been rumors that Chris Pine is set to return despite that fact that his character (spoiler alert!) sacrificed his life at the end of the first film. That’s just one of the many creative decisions that need to be made moving forward. Thankfully, Warner Bros. invested in the right woman for the job.