Recently, a man asked me if there is such a thing as a sure-fire pick up line. It got me wondering about all the pick-up lines that have worked for people, so I decided to put a call out to my vast network about the winners. I received about 50 responses and dozens of emails.

Below are some of the best lines and anecdotes about pick-up lines from both men and women. If you have a great story or line that has worked consistently, please help a single person out and share it in the comments below. My standard opening Bumble line, for example, is, “You look like you might not kill me.”

It takes a lot of gumption to risk rejection and talk to a stranger you find attractive. I used to hate when my female friends were rude to men who were just doing their best to talk to us. Manners might be dying, but they aren’t dead yet. So, resolve to be a guardian of what’s left of common courtesy. Male or female, unless someone is being rude, creepy or is intoxicated, keep in mind someone who has worked up the courage to engage in an actual conversation deserves a humane interaction. Here some high-rated lines and actions to kick off the interaction.

  1. “'I almost wore that tonight,’ referring to her blouse or dress. It’s simple, it’s funny and it’s not too aggressive.“
  2. "Coffee?”
  3. “‘You look so familiar.’ Then I list the places I may know her from while including details about myself. For example, 'Did you go to the University of Michigan? I was pre-med, but I think we did a play together.’”
  4. “One time I was at a restaurant and I really liked my waitress. I asked if I could have anything on the menu. When she said yes, I asked her to stand on the menu. I ended up geeting her number and we went on a date.”
  5. “I met my girlfriend on OkCupid. My first message was, 'Can you please return the records you borrowed?’”
  6. “You’re way out of my league, but I had say to hello before I left.”
  7. “I know a freak when I see one.”
  8. “Hi. I’m looking for a date to my sister’s wedding.”
  9. (at a bar) “Can I buy you a house?”
  10. “My name is Alex, and I don’t belong here.”
  11. “'That Stanley Kubrick is really a genius, isn’t he?’ (Don’t laugh. It worked!)”
  12. “’Damn, girl, you look like a strong, independent woman with agency and self respect. How YOU doin’?’ This is my own and it’s actually worked really well.”
  13. “I kept crossing paths with her. The second time we were introduced I just said 'Hey.’ But the third time I said, 'Are you following me?’ To which she responded, 'I don’t think so.’ Then I said, 'Oh, I guess I must be following you then.’ Recounting this, it just now occurs to me how stalkerish that line sounds!”
  14. “When I share glances with someone, I simply go up to them and say something like 'Hello. I’m Josh. I’ve enjoyed sharing glances with you. You seem very nice. Can I get your number and give you a call sometime?’ It never fails because it’s a gentleman’s approach.”

In my research, a couple of things stood out to me. First, I was amazed by how many great pick-up lines ended in marriage. Secondly, it’s easy to steal a girl from an asshole. Here are some of the more successful tales.

  1. “A girl came up to me once and said, 'You’ve got a face I’d like to sit on.’ That girl is now my wife.”
  2. “We were at a bar after a St. Patrick’s Day parade and my (now husband) just said, to me 'I’m going home to watch a movie. You coming?’”
  3. “My husband used three solid lines in our first conversation . I was ordering my shift drink from a bartender and he was standing next to me. He offered to buy it. I said, 'It’s free.’ He said, 'In that case, get her two.’ He then asked if I had a boyfriend. I did—and a very shitty one at that. But I hemmed and hawed about it to the point that he said, 'Listen. If I called you, would you answer?’ I gave him my number. Later, after he went back to his group of friends, some other guy tried to hit on me. My now-husband walked back up, after which the guy said, 'Oh, sorry, is this your girlfriend?’ He replied, 'I’m working on it.’”
  4. “I was dating a guy from New Zealand and my now-husband asked me out by saying, 'Care to upgrade to an Australian?’ Sold. We’ve been married for nearly six years.”
  5. “When I first met my husband, he said he liked snowboarding better than sex. I took that as a challenge and married him within the year.”

The same rules that apply to Hollywood apply to hitting on someone. It’s all about having the right face and being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you need to be daring to stand apart from the herd, like these people were.

  1. “I once told a girl I could totally beat up her boyfriend, in front of him. We went out the next week.”
  2. “I was standing in front of a bar, and as she walked by she said, 'You look like you wanna kiss me.’ It’s a reverse-catcall success story.”
  3. “I once picked up a girl at a bar in less than five minutes. Swear. My girlfriend had missed her flight because she was too drunk to fly, so I was in a pissy mood. So, I went up to the cutest girl in the bar and said, 'I’m in town for three days and my girlfriend missed her flight because she’s spoiled and takes me for granted. How’d you like to spend the weekend doing high-end everything with me?’ She spent the next three days getting spoiled. We’re still friends today.”
  4. I was standing outside a bar when I saw a hot girl. I slapped her ass while she was reaching into her car. I thought she was going to slap me back. We’ve been married nine years now.*

DISCLAIMER: Playboy and I do not advocate the slapping of a stranger’s ass in the hopes that she will date or marry you. That is the rarity. The reality is that you will probably end up in handcuffs. And not the kinky kind. The bad kind.