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“I was raised dirt-biking, four-wheeling, all that fun stuff,” says Megan Samperi, her enormous blue eyes darting with mischief. “I like going fast. I drive like a dude—one hand on the wheel, a leg up, chilling with my music. All my dude friends are actually scared of me driving.” Our February Playmate is that extra-rare breed of dream girl: the spunky and jaw-droppingly sexy tomboy. A 24-year-old model who loves football, ice hockey and kicking back by a bonfire, Megan also holds a bachelor’s degree in biology. “I studied my butt off for quite some time,” she says. “That’s my backup plan, but I just moved to the O.C. and I’m chasing my dreams.”

Those dreams include acting and singing (she’s recently picked up the acoustic guitar again after a long hiatus) while improving her surfing skills. “One day I’ll shred,” she says. “For now, I’m learning.” Growing up in Jupiter, Florida, 90 miles north of Miami, Megan spent most of her time outdoors and learned to love horseback riding—while, of course, putting her own wild spin on it. “I used to jump horses. It’s actually really dangerous. You have to have a connection with the horse before you do anything. I could sit in the barn all day, grooming horses, then ride bareback and be happy.”

When it comes to men, this guy’s girl knows exactly what she wants. Just don’t expect her to put anyone in a box, herself included. “No one’s the same, so how can you have a type?” she says, adding, “I love extroverted, intelligent men. Trust is big, and we both need to have separate lives. It’s sexy when a guy is independent, doing his own thing.” Megan, of course, is all about doing her own thing. “I don’t want to be any other person; I want to be myself. My attitude is to just live your life. Go with the flow. Go travel. Things will happen.”

When it comes to this live wire, we can’t wait to see what happens next.


BIRTHPLACE: Jupiter, Florida | CURRENT CITY: Santa Ana, California

Real men get it. Men will look at playboy and be like, “Oh, wow, this is beautiful!” The body is freaking beautiful, and it’s attractive when a guy shows off his girl. If I were a guy, I’d show off the hell out of my girl. “Look at this girl! Look at her ass!” Just kidding.

Spearfishing is awesome. You just need to go with a lot of friends because I have friends who have blacked out in the water. The max I’ve gone is 50 feet and held my breath for a minute and a half.

I’m single and I’m just trying to stay friends with everybody. I like to keep it chill, but then I’ll meet someone with a great sense of humor and we’ll connect right away. I just think it’s important to find someone who appreciates you for who you are and not for what you look like.

I love hunting, and I also love animals. I actually wanted to be a veterinarian. I shot my first buck last year, and you know what—it was a great experience, even though I felt bad doing it. Then again, if certain animals weren’t hunted they would overpopulate and kill off humans with disease. So maybe I saved somebody.

Besides work, I love watching the surf, eating good food, having a good cup of coffee, hanging out with a bunch of friends and going on a hike. I like to go to bed early and wake up early if possible so I can have the whole day to do stuff.

I’m so inappropriate. If I offend anybody, I’ll say, “Oh, sorry I offended you,” and then I’ll make a sarcastic joke and probably walk away. Sometimes I need to relax; other times everyone loves it. You have to be yourself. Listen to “Go Fuck Yourself” by Two Feet.

I love dressing up and putting on sick makeup, but I don’t want everyone to gasp when I take it off. Some girls are like that, and I just tell them, “You’re so beautiful without all that.”

Guys say they want a girl who rocks Vans and ripped jeans and a crop top. That’s me. Then they end up with the one who goes to a restaurant to wear high heels for 30 minutes.


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