When Brook Power found out she had been named our 2017 Playmate of the Year she was shocked, not only because she’s “just a surfer chick who rides horses,” as she puts it, but because she had given birth just months before. Power’s objectively adorable son Ozzie, who she has with husband and fellow model, Zac Taylor, was born in November and naturally, she’s been devoting much of her energy to motherhood as of late.

As Hef himself recognized, once a Playmate, always a Playmate, no matter what your phase of life may be. As Brook proves, there is something totally sensual about being a mom and there is nothing sexier than the power to create life. Since no PMOY in recent memory has openly discussed being a new mom, we honor Brook’s milestone with her best quotes on what it means to simultaneously receive the title of mother and, yes, Playmate of the Year:

On breaking down stereotypes:
Honestly, I thought it’s so funny I’ve become Playmate of the Year right after having a baby! These days, being a mom is definitely cooler than it used to be, but I hope that me being PMOY and a mom encourages more girls and women out there to know being a mom is cool and fun and such an amazing part of being a woman. It doesn’t mean you have to become boring and lead a bored life all of a sudden. The best part of life is creating!

yes, I swear, this little haole boy is my baby #ozzert

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On what makes her happiest:
I couldn’t choose one thing! Making my baby laugh. Dropping in on a clear blue wave. Galloping bareback up a mountain on my horse. Getting all passionate with my husband. All favorite things.

On making a minor sacrifice or two:
I was kind of out of the loop for awhile. For the Playboy party for the issue with my first shoot as Playmate of the Month, I was so pregnant, I couldn’t go. I was over it, like, ‘Hell, no. I don’t feel good.’

Best thing about bein a woman… happy #internationalwomensday !!! ps.i had just woken up in this photo

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On where she can’t wait to go next:
We are going to live in Thailand for a month this summer. Hopefully that will be a good time. I can’t wait to put my baby boy, Ozzie, on an elephant! I also just want to surf and explore a lot because I felt very confined when I was pregnant last year! Ugh, I miss Mexican food so much. I can’t wait to head south.

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