It’s all good if I say “to-MA-to,” and you say “tom-MAH-to,” but if either one of us says “Porsche” without including the “uh” sound at the end we are dead wrong.

The German sports car manufacturer preferred by everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Janis Joplin recently released a video to clear up any doubts about how to pronounce its name. In the gentlest way possible, Porsche let everyone who calls it “Porsh” know that they are incorrect and that the proper pronunciation is the two-syllable form “Por-sha.”

Even the video’s description seems designed to make one-syllablers not feel so bad about their ignorance, stating simply “Have you ever wondered about the right way to pronounce Porsche? Or do you know someone who pronounces it in a wrong way? Be sure to let them know about this video.”

While it isn’t explicitly stated, the video could be seen as directed at Americans, who seem to stick with “Porsh” no matter how many times they are told otherwise.

The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche, who pronounced his name “Por-sha” and did not arbitrarily decide to lop off the final sound when he started an eponymous car company. However, the rampant mispronunciation places Porsche in good company with other luxury brands, such as Hermés (air-mez, not her-meez) and Yves Saint Laurent (eve san loh-ron, not eves saint loh-rent) that suffer similar fates.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada and Instagram at @justin_tejada.