Is pumpkin spice over? Ha, you fools: no, it is not. Pumpkin spice won’t die off anytime soon, at least not when hordes of Facebook users watched a four-day Starbucks live stream of a goddamn pumpkin hatching in a barn last week in feverish anticipation of the chain’s obscenely popular pumpkin spice latte making its grand return. The fall flavor remains as omnipresent as ever—but at least new research hints that some fatigue is starting to kick in.

Scientists at the analytics company 1010data examined pumpkin spice-flavored products sold online from August to December 2016 and found, unsurprisingly, that the number of foods with the flavor had jumped by almost 50 percent compared to 2015. The saving grace? Sales of these products rose by just 21 percent, which shows that supply is pretty obviously outpacing demand.

1010data collected the stats by anonymously tracking several million people’s purchases through sites like Amazon and Target. According to the report, five of the top 10 pumpkin spice products sold were standard fare, such as coffee, tea, and coffee creamer products, per Eater. While some novelty goods scored high on the list, including candles and Cheerios, the clear popularity of the classics suggests that people will still happily drink hot pumpkin spice drinks—but they draw the line at, say, PS-infused Pringles, protein powder, vodka, and dog treats. (See 23 more pumpkin spice-flavored products that shouldn’t exist.)

Take it from 1010data area VP Samir Bhavnani: “Sales are not keeping pace,” he told Eater. “The conclusion that I draw from the data is that pumpkin spice has jumped the shark.”

Ah, but Fonzie jumped the shark in 1977, and Happy Days wasn’t canceled until 1984. That means we have at least seven more years of pumpkin spice hell to endure. May God help us all.