Don’t hyperventilate, but according to Cinemablend Mel Brooks himself intimated that Spaceballs 2 might actually happen.


At a recent screening of Young Frankenstein, Brooks suggested that the long teased follow-up to Spaceballs could still be on the docket. For those unaware, the movie itself jokes about the possible sequel, as a bit of meta-comedy concerning shameless promotion. Hence, the tongue-in-cheek title Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.

What happened to make this possible? Well, it looks like we have to thank the success of modern Star Wars movies such as Rogue One, and The Force Awakens. He told the crowd at the Young Frankenstein screening, “MGM is slightly interested in doing it because of the…the Star Wars explosion. So we’re talking, who knows?”

Don’t take this word at full stop though, this could be one of those Schwartz-based mind tricks. The bad news? Brooks’ has expressed interest, before and still no-go. The good news? The adrenaline shot of pure Star Wars enthusiasm provided by the modern films could be just enough to justify a sequel. Important note due to the nature of the studio system; justify in this case means “will it return on the investment?” Sony Pictures 2017: The Quest For Any Money, Oh God Please Enjoy This Franchise.

It’s common sense that we could all probably use a hefty dose of Brooks’ trademark zaniness. Spaceballs: The Animated Series was a tantalizing bit, but a full fledged sequel would be welcomed immensely.

Just imagine the Darth Helmet version of the below scene from Rogue One, Moranis bumping about and accidentally killing all the rebels. I’d pay $10.75 to see that scene alone.