This picture wasn

This picture wasn’t taken during spring break in the Caribbean, but whatever (Via Flickr user MarkScottAustinTX).

Despite the fact that the Zika virus continues to spread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, spring breakers from the U.S. remain undeterred from traveling to the affected areas. It seems not even the sight of babies born with severely shrunken heads can dull the allure of blacking out at a Señor Frogs.

“I got nervous at first because Zika was spreading to the places we are going,“ Virginia Tech senior Tassbieh Hassan told USA Today. "But after learning that it mainly affects newborns, I think I will be all right.”

Several of the students who spoke with USA Today claimed they would be taking extra precautions such as using insect repellent. But unfortunately, in addition to being spread by mosquitoes, the virus is contracted via sexual contact. So spraying your genitals with Deep Woods Off! is not enough.

“Students should do what they can to prevent getting bit by a mosquito or having a sexual encounter where they may be open to contracting the virus,” said Jon Porter, health director at the University of Vermont.

That’s certainly good advice, but it’s probably lost on students who just paid several hundred dollars for the express purpose of hooking up on a tropical beach.

Via USA Today