Summer is finally upon us and, whether we admit it or not, the sultry season places added pressure on singles who hope to impress their date as they’re no longer confined to coffee shops and movie theatres due to near-freezing temperatures and mood-altering darkness.

This is now a confirmed fact, as research from recently found more than three-quarters of singles feel more inspired to try something new on a date in the summer months. So take note: If you want to make a good impression on a date, summer’s the season to step outside of the box and be a tad more fearless.

Match itself cites an increase in online dating activity during the summer months. This year, July 9th is expected to be the ‘Hottest day of the summer’ on the website.

“Sunlight gives people energy. This is because the pineal gland in the brain produces melatonin in the dark of winter, making people more sluggish and sleepy,” Dr. Helen Fisher says on behalf of Match. “But as the spring and then summer light increases, the pineal gland reduces its production of melatonin and begins to orchestrate the breeding/mating season in many species.”

She continues, “We humans don’t have a mating season; we breed all year long. But increasing light does give us a sunny personality and more energy and optimism—all of which could increase our sexuality.”

What’s more, adventure, like figs, avocados, oysters and chocolate, is an effective aphrodisiac. An overwhelming 85 percent of singles agree that a date’s sense of adventure is an attractive quality and 73 percent of singles say they would be more attracted to someone with a common bucket list item.

So what are the bucket list items singles are craving? In an effort to promote a new feature that would encourage singles to itemize their bucket list on their dating profile, surveyed over 1,000 singles to find out which bucket list items they’d most like to tick off on a date. These results act an unofficial dating guide, so heed these results, fellas. Insights like this don’t come often. Admittedly, some the items are a tad overzealous as they’re more reflective of a bucket list item than an actual date. Regardless, I tried my best to make some of these ideas a tad more manageable.

Fall in love (83 percent): Of course this was first. Since there’s no way you can make somebody fall in love with you, just use the following suggestions to better tilt the odds in your favor. Let’s move on.

Go on a wine tour in Napa (53 percent): OK, so Napa’s crazy expensive and more of a long-term thing. So maybe take her on a local wine tour? That’s still nice.

Change someone’s life for the better (52 percent): I don’t know how this correlates to a date, but an easy way to make someone’s life a tad better is to give a homeless person money. Just make sure she’s watching. Remember: You’re doing it out of the kindness of your heart, but don’t ignore the fact that you want to impress the shit out of her.

Get to my ideal weight (47 percent): Ugh, boring. Go eat salads and rollerblade by a large body of water or something.

Go on a safari (45 percent): Take her on one of those drive-through safari’s where monkeys savagely tear the windshield wipers off of your car. Or just take her to a zoo. A legitimate trip to Africa will have to wait ‘till the honeymoon.

Ride a hot air balloon (45 percent): I mean, this one’s doable isn’t it? Maybe not for a first date, but definitely second or third.

See the Northern Lights (45 percent): This is location-specific, so probably not doable unless you’re located in areas like Alaska or Denmark. Sorry guys, this one’s a bust. Take her to see some fireworks instead (not in your backyard).

Go to the Super Bowl (43 percent): Well yeah, don’t we all. Don’t bring a date to the Super Bowl, either. This experience is best spent with friends and stupid amounts of overpriced beer.

If adventure’s not your strongsuit, all hope is not lost. Match’s previous research has found that sushi dates bode well with singles as well, with boozy beverages increasing your chances of a second date by as much as 137 percent. So, brave or timid, it doesn’t matter. Get out there and show these women how a real man treats a date.