When Kim Kardashian released incriminating audio of Taylor Swift basically admitting that she was in on Kanye West’s “Famous” jabs, Swift issued a statement saying that she’d “very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” The singer, who’s had more drama in her life than London’s West End, wanted the world to know that she was somehow too good to be feuding with a rapper and a reality star. Well, now we know that the real reason Swift wanted to be excluded from that pettiness was because she wasn’t in the middle of an album cycle.

Over the weekend, Swift reignited her beef with the Kardashian-West’s, first with a song, and then with a video. But the roll out of Swift’s next act landed with a resounding thud. Maybe we’re tired of watching a pop music juggernaut play the victim and manufacture a woe-is-me narrative to help her sell albums? We’ve moved on, and so have Kim and Kanye, according to a new report from TMZ that her new song “Look What You Made Me Do” isn’t even on their radar.

That leaves Swift, who seems intent on reigniting a flame that she was so eager to put out just last year. Is the November 10 release date of her Reputation album meant to overshadow the anniversary of Kanye’s mom’s death, which just happens to be on the same day? Is that bathtub scene in the “LWYMMD” video a spoof of Kim’s robbery at gunpoint in Paris? She seems more than willing to include herself in the narrative now that she has something to sell.

With each new album, we’ve come to expect Swift to be an angel of death in cherry red lipstick, here to seek vengeance from those who have wronged her. Sure, the internet’s music cognoscenti savaged the song, the video and just about every other aspect of Swift’s comeback. But Taylor Swift isn’t here to score a perfect ten on Pitchfork. Taylor Swift is an industry, and industries thrive by making products that people are willing to pay money for. And judging by all the streaming records her new single has already broken, the Taylor Swift industry is alive and well.