First Mad Men made the swinging Sixties all the rage again. Now that era gets the Playboy treatment with the announcement of a new fall TV show on NBC, The Playboy Club. The fictional show chronicles the birth of Hugh Hefner’s publishing and cultural empire set against the backdrop of 1960s Chicago and keyholders who hobnobbed with beautiful women at the famous Playboy Clubs.

Featuring voiceover in the pilot from Hef himself, The Playboy Club stars the gorgeous Amber Heard—who bares more than a slight resemblance to Marilyn Monroe—and Eddie Cibrian (Leann Rimes’s new husband, who stars as a character named Nick Dalton, not as a young Hef). The show explores how Playboy challenged the racial, sexual and social mores of the time. Also, judging by preview photos on NBC’s website, it looks like there will be plenty of beautiful Bunnies, swanky bachelor pads and what looks like one dead body in a store room. Like we said, it’s a fictional show.

With the NFL season in doubt, at least we have one thing to count on from the fall TV season.