Tim Burton changed the game in Hollywood. His work is a strong reminder that unique, fantastical and meticulously crafted stories featuring engaging characters are what make films remain relevant for decades. Now, for anyone who would like to celebrate his awesomeness, they can do so at one of two Tim Burton-themed bars scaring up each coast.

Following the success of Beetle House NYC, Beetle House LA will open on May 20, 2017 in Hollywood, decked in the milieu of movies like BeetleJuice, Edward Scissorhands, and A Nightmare Before Christmas and serving more than a dozen gothic cocktails catergorized as poisons, potions and elixirs, with names like the Fleet Street Martini and the Bio-exorcism.

Setting up for the night. #beetlehousenyc

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The owner of the bar, Zach Neil, told LA Magazine that the drinking hole is “an unusual oddities parlor.” Beyond the perfect characterization of Burton’s aesthetic, Neil said the bar has “a lot of actors working to create an authentic experience.” That means a lot of strange encounters, like a "psycho Beetlejuice guy with a hand buzzer sitting at your table, eating off your plate.”

Beetle House LA will take over the Prospect Theater on Hollywood Boulevard for just 45 days; reservations are already booked through June. Because our Bunnies have yet to get a personal invite from Betelgeuse for any early sneak peek, all we can offer is this look at the NYC location Business Insider rolled out last year. In the meantime, since the Los Angeles menu, which will also feature food like the Edward Burger Hands, has yet to be revealed, we at Playboy figured it couldn’t hurt to suggest Neil a few new cocktail concepts.

Three shots of Everclear, rolled with tomato juice
Will impair motor function to simulate how difficult it is having scissors for hands. Spill a drop on your shirt to have the added effect of what Winona Ryder felt when Johnny Depp sliced her on accident.

Two parts cake-flavored vodka, one part almond milk (this is Los Angeles, after all), one part coffee
The cake flavor will remind you of the best wedding cake you’ve had. Meanwhile, two shots will bring you to a near-corpse-like state while the splash of coffee awakens you just enough from your dead drunkeness to have a conversation.

Literally any beer
After being served a beer, you agree to a non-verbal contract. The bartender will toss a Mars Bar at you with maximum force to simulate an attack.

Jokes aside, don’t say Beetlejuice three times on the premises. If there’s any place that could be a gateway to that realm, it’s surely this place.