Ever since Tinder was founded back in 2012, its users have been able to select from two gender options: male or female. That’s fine for anyone who fits the gender binary, but it has created problems for the transgender community on Tinder, who have faced harassment and have been unfairly reported on (and even kicked off) the app for “misrepresenting” themselves.

A major update released today though aims to make Tinder more friendly to transgender and gender non-conforming users. Instead of just male or female, users can now choose from a list of 37 different gender identities. The Tinder team sought input from the app’s transgender users as well as advisors from GLAAD before they made this change. The new options include transgender female, transsexual male, agender and genderqueer, as well as a fill-in-the-blank section that lets users define their gender in their own terms.

Tinder has posted a video about the update that includes several of the app’s transgender users sharing the words they use to describe their gender and describing the struggles they’ve faced using Tinder in the past.

As Sean Rad, Tinder cofounder and CEO, says in the video, “Everyone has the right to be who they are and meet someone great who loves them for who they are.”

This writer always thought if Tinder made her cry, it would be related to a bad date or a nasty message, but here I am, crying happy tears at that video. Thanks, Tinder, for realizing that the world is full of all kinds of people looking for all kinds of matches. There’s no reason for an app to stand in their way.