CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick isn’t having a good week, month, or 2017 for that matter.

In the latest of bad news for the tech-infused car service, Bloomberg posted a disparaging dashcam video on YouTube that shows the CEO arguing with Fawzi Kamel, an Uber Black Driver, about the company’s business model, treatment of drivers and how Kamel lost almost $100,000 because Uber’s fares are too low.

The scene in the video reportedly took place on Superbowl Sunday. The first three minutes show Kalanick grooving in the back seat between two unidentified women (juries out on whether or not he used the “Boob-er” line on them). Upon arrival at their destination, Kamel looks back and simply says, “I don’t know if you remember me, but it’s fine. [I’m one of] the old people, since 2010.”

At which point Kalanick responded, “We’re reducing the number of black cars.”

Kamel tried to explian to Kalanick that the business model is squeezing out drivers like him, who invested their money in luxury cars for Uber Black. He went on to say that price squeezing and rate drops have put him into debt to the tune of over $95,000. As you can see for yourself in pretty sad exchange, Kalanick responded to Fawzi by telling him that he was just blaming his problems on everyone else, and bolted from the car with a sarcastic, “Good luck.”

Not a good look for the CEO, who is already dealing with a sexual harassment investigation that began last month after an ex-employee wrote a post about her experiences at the company. This opened up the company to even more criticism, including the resurrection of an interview Kalanick did with GQ in which he yes, actually bragged about his sexual exploits due to his success, calling the company “Boober.” Super classy.

Kalanick issued an apology today for his behavior in the video, saying that he knows he needs to grow up and start acting like a CEO.

Call us crazy, but shouldn’t being a decent human be expected at all points in your life, not just when you’re a public figure?