The reason Tinder works is because it’s simple. You look at a photo of a potential match, swipe right if you’re interested, and you swipe left if not. This usually leads to a chat to see if you like that person, and then the goal is to at least get a first date. That’s pretty much it. All that simplicity, however, is a problem for the company behind Tinder as it looks for more ways to keep people engaged with the app longer.

So now they’re asking, “What if you were swiping on videos instead? Compelling, right?”

That’s why Tinder just snatched up video app startup Wheel, whose core product is a service that allows users to create video stories, sort of like what everyone from Instagram to Facebook are now doing.

It makes sense in the context of a dating app. Seeing someone on video can tell you a lot more about them than any doctored and filtered photo ever could. You can hear how they talk, how they move, how they behave and get a much better idea of what you may be getting into before you make that fateful swipe to the right.

As for where the video products will be integrated into Tinder, we can only guess. It will most likely be featured on users’ profile pages, as Tinder has so-far been reluctant to include anything other than text and pre-selected GIFs in chat sessions between matched customers.

Dating apps are a competitive and confusing cluster, and it can be difficult to differentiate between them. There was a time when Tinder was the main player in the game, but rivals like OkCupid and Bumble have leveled the playing field with unique and compelling approaches to the dating space. Features like video could help Tinder stand out from the pack once again. At least that’s what the company is betting on.