Chris Hemsworth is a hilarious man. Robert Downey Jr. might be the Avenger best known for his quipping, but Thor’s been bringing the comedy ever since his first film.

The impending release of Thor: Ragnarok has only served to further underscore Hemsworth’s humor, with the hilarious Team Thor shorts offering him a chance to take the more subtle comedy of the films into just plain goofy territory. Now Hemsworth – a man who from a distance might look like his only great loves are barbells and protein shakes – is getting even goofier and just straight-up playing with action figures for our amusement.

In a new video posted to his Instagram on Monday, Hemsworth walks onto what appears to be an Avengers: Infinity War soundstage to find a massive gathering of Marvel toys strewn before him. When he’s told that the Russo Brothers (who did not put him in Captain America: Civil War, leading to those Team Thor shorts) are behind the setup, Hemsworth decides to lay waste to the whole scene. He summons Mjolnir (because he’s tight with that hammer even when he’s not in costume) and passes judgement on Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Star-Lord and more. Turns out he’s cool with Falcon and Winter Soldier, though. As for the Hulk, they are of course best friends.

Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers

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The clip is a day brightener all by itself but it also raises an interesting question: If Hemsworth is able to be this entertaining with just a few plastic toys, what other franchise superstars should step up and get their make-believe on?

Gal Gadot’s proven her natural sense of humor on the Wonder Woman press tour and it would certainly be fun to see her and Jason Momoa mix it up with Justice League dolls. Jeff Goldblum has joined the Marvel Universe and rejoined the Jurassic Park franchise, so it might be time for a super weird Grandmaster vs. Dr. Ian Malcolm throwdown. Then there’s the ultimate celebrity action figure experience: Oscar Isaac picking up a couple of Star Wars toys and giving us the Finn/Poe love scene we’ve all wanted since The Force Awakens came out.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3. That gives Hemsworth almost five more months for hilarious promotional fun. Hopefully this is the year he tops that time he and Chris Evans shared a bag of Doritos and made dirty jokes.