Female Coachella goers wearing floral crowns and sweeping bohemian dresses is pretty predictable, but we can certainly get behind this kind of flower crown. Lowell farms, a family-owned, organic, LA-based cannabis farm realizes the need for flower crowns that even dudes can get behind. They are hoping to cash in on this profitable trend with one decidedly targeted product: a flower crown made entirely of marijuana.

Each headpiece will feature the farm’s very own “Coachella brand” bud, which is, of course, intended to be smoked at the festival, many of whom treat the grounds as a catwalk for fashions ignorantly borne from cultural appropriation. Now, as for how you go about smoking this vogueish weed, I’m not entirely sure. I assume you’re going to require a grinder or a pair of scissors because the headpiece comes adorned with full, freshly-plucked buds unfit for blunts. So while you’ll certainly be looking fly while high, the crown isn’t actually as accessible or convenient as headlines are making it seem.

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Not to mention, walking around with a sizeable crown of kush on your head will, in all likeliness, make you a probable target for theft, so I recommend you find a way to fasten the thing to your head with thread or something. According to Mashable, there are only a limited number of crowns available, which can be pre-ordered from Palm Springs Safe Access (prescription required) in the Coachella Valley, about 15 minutes away from the action. The leafy crowns retail for $55, which is actually quite cheap considering the product weaved into the garments usually retail for $60.

This isn’t the first time the family-run farm introduced a noteworthy product, either. Earlier this year, Lowell Farms introduced couples to a first of its kind weed bouquet just weeks before Valentine’s Day. Only 500 bouquets were crafted when the announcement was made, and they all predictably sold out. Potential violence and theft aside, we predict a similar outcome for their Coachella crowns.