Tomorrow marks the release of Star Fox Zero, a game about animal people who fly spaceships. In case you needed more explanation than that, Nintendo has released a 15-minute cartoon telling the story of a crack team of fighter pilots who are also giant anthropomorphic forest creatures.

The video above basically kicks off the story of Star Fox, which is always the same: a giant Dr. Zaius-looking dude called Andross decides to try to kill everyone in the Lylat system, a series of planets where the games all take place. He has a bunch of robots and starships to do that, until eventually protagonist Fox McCloud fights his giant robotic head at the end of the game. It’s weird.

What’s especially strange about this particular cartoon is that an integral part of the story is a hunk of the a character’s fur that Star Fox team member Peppy Hare carries around. Does that hunk of fur look like a pair of anthropomorphic dog testicles? Yes. Could it have been drawn in such a way that you wouldn’t constantly have the impression? Absolutely. C’mon, Nintendo.