After conquering the summer, Diana Prince will set her sights on Christmas. Warner Bros. has confirmed that the sequel to its juggernaut hit Wonder Woman, will hit theaters on December 13, 2019, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

In the last few years, studios have been moving their major tentpoles away from the summer movie season and into the holidays, where films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the final two Hunger Games movies were all financial behemoths. Wonder Woman 2’s December release further indicates that we may be witnessing the death of the summer movie season.

It’s also a warning shot fired by Warner Bros. and aimed a its competitors. Any studio that was eyeing Christmas 2019 as a potential slot for one of its major franchises will now have to think twice.

Wonder Woman is well on its way to grossing over $400 billion domestically and has held better at the box office than any of its superhero counterparts. No studio in its right mind would dare take on the Amazonian Princess and expect to emerge victoriously.

The sequel is set to take place during the ‘80s at the tail end of the Cold War, and will reportedly see the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. And while Patty Jenkins is confirmed to be working on the script, she’s yet to sign on to direct. Some observers were surprised when Warner Bros. didn’t confirm Jenkins as the director at Comic-Con, a stage worthy enough of such a mjor announcement.

But as we’ve said before, there is no conceivable way Warner Bros. screws this up by hiring a director not named Patty Jenkins. In someone else’s hands, Wonder Woman may not have been the record-breaking hit it turned out to be. While most other superhero films have leaned into the darker aspects of the genre, Jenkins injected it with a sincerity and compassion that’s been missing from not just comic book movies, but movies in general. She should be rewarded for that bold creative choice, and in all likelihood, she will be.