Diana Prince might want to add some shoulder pads, scrunchies and acid wash jeans to her wardrobe. That’s because the sequel to Wonder Woman will be set in the 1980s, and will pit Diana against the Soviet Union at the tail end of the Cold War, The Wrap has confirmed.

The news, first reported by Screen Rant, finally sheds some light on what we can expect from the sequel to DC’s most successful movie to date. We already knew that Patty Jenkins and DC head Geoff Johns have been working on an outline, but beyond that, details have been scarce.

Jenkins—who still hasn’t been confirmed as the sequel’s director (that announcement should be imminent)—has said that she wants to set the sequel in “contemporary” America. But as Wonder Woman inches towards $1 billion at the global box office, DC probably wants to stick as close to the original movie’s winning formula as possible. That means having Wonder Woman show up during times of historical turmoil to save us humans from ourselves.

Another key variable in that formula was Chris Pine, and the explosive chemistry he and Gal Gadot shared on screen. If you’ve contributed to Wonder Woman’s boffo box office (and if you haven’t, look away), you know that Pine’s Steve Trevor dies at the end of the movie. But that might not be enough to stop DC from inserting Pine into the sequel, Screen Rant reports.

Warner Bros. still has an option for Pine, so the window is wide open for his return, which could materialize in a number of ways. In a world of Amazon warrior princesses and Greek gods, resurrecting someone from the dead should be as easy as calling an Uber. There’s also the possibility that Pine would play a descendant of the original Steve Trevor who just so happens to look identical to his grandfather because well, this is a superhero movie and it’s best not to nitpick.

While some observers have pointed out that the move to the eighties contradicts Diana telling Bruce Wayne in Batman V. Superman that she walked away from mankind a hundred years ago, it does set up the franchise for a third and final film set in the modern day. That means the Wonder Woman trilogy (assuming Warner Bros. wants to stop at three) could potentially wrap up with Diana Prince going toe to toe with the biggest threat to our democracy since the Cold War. We’ll let you’re imagination do the rest.