If you were disappointed with the slightly incremental, headphone port-less iPhone 7, I don’t blame you. I skipped it myself, living with an iPhone 6 (not even an S) that’s starting to show its age.

But fear not, because the iPhone 8 (or whatever it’ll be called) will fix everything. I’m only half kidding.

In a leak from KGI, considered by many to be the world’s most-trusted Apple leaker, further details were revealed about the upcoming phone, scheduled to be released in 2018. Expect three new phones in 2017 - a bumped-up iPhone 7s and 7s Plus line based on last year’s phones as Apple always does, and a more-expensive 10th-anniversary iPhone 8 (internal codename for the high-end phone is apparently “Ferrari”) that promises to be a major design update as well as technological leap forward.

So with all that, here’s the breakdown of what you can expect in the new phone:
- A glass back instead of metal
- Wireless charging with an option for wired, “quick” charging (wireless inductive charging is slow)
- Thinner than ever (of course)
- An OLED (Organic LED) screen for better colors and efficiency
- No physical home button
- Gesture recognition via “laser sensor”
- 3D touch sensors

Here’s the bad news: Because of the new all-glass enclosure, wireless charging, and other tech Apple is mushing into the new iPhone, it’ll cost you. Analysts are saying the phone could run close to $1,000. Ouch.

Expect the new iPhone sometime in September 2017, as that’s when they always launch new phones. Until then, make do with your cranky old one (or switch to Android, I won’t judge you).