Salvatore Calabrese has entertained celebrities from around the world at his bar Bound located in The Cromwell hotel in Las Vegas, and his guests expect only the best from him. In 2012 he created the world’s most expensive cocktail (which cost around $8500), and now he’s decided to make another run at the record books. This time, he’s invented the world’s oldest martini.

Calabrese took Park & Tilford unfiltered New York gin made around 1900 and Noilly Prat vermouth from 1890 to make a martini over 100 years in the making. While introducing his concoction to the world, Calabrese said, “We are talking the king of the cocktail…the martini. Out of any other cocktail in the world, if someone asked me which is king, this is the king.”

© Patrick Gray/Kabik Photo Group

© Patrick Gray/Kabik Photo Group

He created this martini to celebrate the updated release of his book Classic Cocktails, which is available in stores now. While Calabrese might not have as much experience as the ingredients he’s using, he does have over 30 years of experience creating cocktails around the world.

You can taste the world’s oldest martini either at Bound in their Liquid History cabinet or in Calabrese’s bar located inside the Playboy Club in London. Although you better head there soon. Once supplies run out, we’ll have to wait another century before we can make it again.

Calabrese’s most expensive cocktail record was later broken by an Australian bartender. So it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a 300-year-old rum barrel and an original Coca-Cola bottle and makes the oldest (and most disgusting) rum and coke the world’s ever seen.