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Miss March 2017

Elizabeth Elam


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate08/05/91
  • HometownNorman, Oklahoma
  • TitlesMiss March 2017

About Elizabeth Elam

Elizabeth Elam will not be contained. Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, the sweet-voiced brunette beauty grew up in a small town in America’s heartland. She spent much of her childhood riding horses on her grandparents’ farm and singing the National Anthem at local rodeos. She even held the title of Miss Land Run for a time.

Norman couldn’t contain her. She wanted to see the world, so after high school, she moved to Miami for three months, then on to Europe for another three. Now she’s settled in Los Angeles for the time being. “I was originally just going to be here for three months and then never left,” she says. Next on her list? Exploring Asia. “It’d be amazing to see how life is there. I watch Anthony Bourdain and that’s like the extent of Asia I know.”

Elam is a passionate prononent of equal rights – and an outspoken liberal. She admits she’s the only person in her family who’s not “very conservative,” and she doesn’t hesitate to speak up about politics, which is especially valuable considering our current climate. “I do think the internet and media make the divide seem bigger than it is. The divide is there. It’s always been there, but it’s a bit sensationalized now. At least, I hope so. For the most part, people want the same things. The bad people shout the loudest and get the most attention, but that’s not the majority. You just have to hope that’s true.”

She’s also wise enough to know age doesn’t necessarily translate to evolution. “When I was younger, I wanted to do everything, experience everything. I didn’t care about being in any type of clique. In high school, I didn’t care about school whatsoever. I wanted to have fun. Twenty-five felt so old when I was eighteen! And now here I am and in essence, I feel the exact same age.”