Elizabeth Ostrander


Melbourne, Florida
On nudity
I absolutely love being naked–it’s beautiful, it’s fun and it’s sexy.
A typical day
Morning sex, breakfast, castings, the beach, workout, more sex
My personal muse
Lana del Rey. She's vintage, bold and wild. She must be an old soul like me.
Elizabeth Ostrander grew up in St. Augustine, Florida where she spent a lot of time at the beach. The self-proclaimed tomboy surfed competitively while growing up. She spent a lot of her childhood camping and traveling around the world. At 18, she moved to Greece and became an international model. She’s visited Paris, New Zealand, Belize, South Africa and a number of other places. She appeared in the Greek edition of Vogue, as well as a number of other photo shoots and ads while overseas. She also earned a degree in photography, so she's experience on both sides of the camera.While modeling may pay the bills, Ostrander's true passion is sailing. After traveling around the world for gigs, she decided to pursue a life on the water. She moved to San Francisco to learn how to sail. Shortly afterwards she shoved off on a 41-foot yacht and began exploring the Pacific Ocean. Her first major exploit was a journey starting in San Francisco and ending in Bora Bora, a voyage of over 4,000 miles, with a stop in Hawaii along the way. In preparation for this expedition she said, “I mentally trained myself to be like a Viking.”

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