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Ellie Goulding


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate12/30/86
  • HometownHerefordshire, England

About Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding shot onto the scene at a meteoric pace. Well, okay, she started playing the clarinet at age nine and didn’t hit the mainstream music scene until she was 24. But still.

“My life has become a lot crazier in the last year,” Ellie told Hunger in 2015. “I think people definitely recognize me a lot more now, and that affects me. I actually get quite freaked out when people stare at me or start taking pictures.”

But really, she was on the track to stardom all along. Ellie first recorded music while a college student in Canterbury in the UK. She was recruited by a talent scout shortly thereafter. She made it big on the charts in her home country (she performed at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding reception in 2011 at the royal couple’s request) before touring the US.

Several of her top songs have been released in partnership with a movie, including “Bittersweet” (produced by her one-time boyfriend Skrillex) for Twilight and “Love Me Like You Do” for Fifty Shades of Grey.

She writes many of her own songs, sometimes revealing her personal life in the process. “I’m always very keen to start an album when it feels right, in a certain time of my life, so that the album is reflective of that, rather than just being a bunch of random songs,” Ellie told Time magazine. But, “I think for my next album, I will be writing about different things. I’m kind of over writing about relationships.”

These days, she’s dating fellow UK musician Dougie Poynter of the pop/rock/punk band McBusted.

Ellie is an avid runner and big-hearted philanthropist. She supported the 2014 fight against Ebola, “Students Run LA”—which focuses on increasing sport opportunities for less-fortunate kids—and partnered with Pandora to donate a portion of her mixtape sales to the Free the Children effort to educate and empower children around the world.

For years, she’s given up time on Christmas Day to volunteer at a homeless shelter. “It’s not just people who are homeless in the shelters, but also those who are lonely and don’t have someone to spend time with,” she told The Daily Mail. “It’s so scary because it happens so quickly to anyone. It could be any of us.”