The Joyrich x Playboy Disco Launch Party Sparkled in All the Right Ways

Joyrich launched its fourth collaboration with our iconic brand for a fresh take on the newest Spring / Summer 2018 collection. Shiny jersey tracksuits and luxurious sequin jackets embody the glamorous and nostalgic lifestyle of the Playboy heritage, while a sportswear capsule of basketball, baseball, football and hockey jerseys capture the youthful and athletic spirit of Joyrich's streetwear style. Staying true to Joyrich's ethos "Find your JOY, and you'll be RICH", the collaboration pays homage to an era of glittering lights and bold colors, while celebrating joyful energy and unapologetic fun.

Joyrich is a global fashion label founded by Tom Hirota in 2007 in Los Angeles and based on the idea that we can all find richness through joy. The brand is influenced by music, art, lifestyles and people, which makes it the perfect partner for Playboy. The Joyrich x Playboy Spring / Summer 2018 collection is available starting Friday, February 23rd, in stores and online.

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